Wisconsin HOSA Competitive Events


Active HOSA members gain the opportunity to compete at both the state level and national levels. At the state competition, members that place first, second, or third are given the opportunity to compete at the national competition during the National Leadership Conference. The fourth and fifth placings are considered alternates.

The National Leadership Conference (NLC) is the highlight of the year for HOSA members and advisors - with dynamic general sessions, informative business sessions, nationally known speakers, health care industry tours, competitive events, awards, recognition and much more. The NLC is held annually in June and attracts the very best HOSA members and advisors for four days of testing, learning and recognition.

To enjoy the motivational benefits of the NLC, each chapter should strive to have at least one delegate in attendance at the National Leadership Conference. The chapter advisor can use the NLC as a motivational tool to encourage new members to get involved in chapter activities and to develop their leadership and technical skills in hopes of serving as a delegate to the State Leadership Conference and the National Leadership Conference.

HOSA advisors often ask for suggestions when helping to prepare their HOSA members for State and National Competition. Here are some competition tips that might make a difference!

Wisconsin HOSA Competitive Events

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